Remote therapeutic measurements produce better outcomes.

Runs on mobile, no extra hardware.

An AI-powered PT platform to support patients in the clinic and at home.


Therapeutic data at scale.


Improve the at-home physio experience.

Each patient gets live form feedback, rep counting and motivation during home exercises.
Physio is a very simple app that patients can take home on their smartphone to complete their rehab protocols. Rest easy knowing they'll be supported with form instructions, ongoing reminders and in-exercise motivation. Each time you meet with them in person you'll be able to review progress with real, verifiable metrics.


Accurate measurements using AI.

Precise patient performance data means no more guesswork.
Physio automatically measures range of motion, counts reps, recommends form adjustments and provides specific in-exercise feedback that will help patients successfully complete their protocol – and which provides you with data you can use to evaluate progress.


No sensors needed.

Measure patient progress – in clinic and remotely – using devices you already own.
Physio is an intuitive mobile app you can use throughout the patient journey to create a high-touch, closed loop for recovery protocols. Patients get a richer experience and therapists get more time to focus on what they do best.


Concierge support for your team.

Full onboarding and ongoing support for staff and patients means you are up and running fast.
Our mission is to help millions move better, and that means we go the extra mile to make sure our solution helps you provide better care and grow your business.


An easy-to-use, modern solution.

Exer Physio is a digital physical therapy app that uses AI to measure home exercise protocols and range of motion.

Currently measuring:

  • 24+
    Points on the human body
  • 100+
    Different exercises and movements
  • 48M+
    Neural network nodes powering our AI

Improve outcomes with Exer.

Let's work together.

Physio is built to help you and your patients get better results.