Motion intelligence software for health professionals.

No extra hardware.

Powered by a custom, next-generation AI that runs on any device with a camera.

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The Exer Platform

A suite of apps for professionals.

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Exer Range of Motion

Replace your goniometer.

Assess joint mobility remotely and in clinic throughout patient journeys.
Our Physio app currently features range of motion measurement and analytics where appropriate, but we're working with partners to spin out a dedicated application that will push the boundaries of in-person and remote ROM assessments.
Exer Assess

Specialized motion assessments.

Need a simple tool that can power fitness or workplace assessments? 
We're continually coming across specific workplace and health-related assessments that deserve a modern set of tools to make them easier, more accessible or cheaper. If you regularly run physical assessments for your community, let's chat about how Exer's platform can help.
Exer Plank

Core strength measurement.

Improve form, compete in groups and motivate your community to get stronger.
This is the first application we released on the platform, and it serves as a wonderful way to get acquainted with how Exer's tools work. The app leverages our AI to give you real time form feedback, record personal bests, and compare your longest plank times to friends or the wider community on our weekly leaderboards. Download it on iOS here.
Support for you and your community

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We provide enterprise-level support with a friendly, human approach.
We believe that human connection is the most important factor in successful health outcomes. We build our technology to enable and enhance that connection - and we support all stakeholders accordingly. That includes executives, practitioners, trainers, coaches, and (especially) patients - anyone that touches our software.
Enabling Health

Human connection is everything.

Exer Physio is a digital physical therapy app that uses AI to measure home exercise protocols and range of motion.
Maggie Binkley uses Exer Studio for group virtual fitness classes.

“Exer Studio took our virtual workouts to an entirely new level.”

Maggie Binkley
Fitness Maggie

No extra hardware needed.

Drive business and healthcare results across every area of physical wellness using precise motion intelligence data. Our on-the-edge camera vision apps work on common laptops and phones, and feature intuitive user interfaces that promote engagement, adherence and better long term outcomes.

Let's work together to help your communities move, train and play better.

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Currently measuring:
  • 24+
    Points on the human body
  • 100+
    Different exercises and movements
  • 48M+
    Neural network nodes powering our AI
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