On April 1, 2024, the first CMS THR/TKR PRO collection period started.
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The Operating System for MSK 2.0

A fast, objective assessment and treatment solution for health systems.

Outcome-driven, measurable results

Designed to power structured outcome protocols, engage patients to participate in their own care, and support the strengths of your team.



Outcomes improved

Across structured outcome protocols aided by Exer's AI-based motion health apps.




Patient daily engagement

When using Exer IQ and Health apps for support at home.




Alerted for fall risk

Residents in senior care evaluated using Exer Scan.




Home exercise adherence

Patient home exercise protocol (HEP) adherence when prescribed Exer Health for rehab.




Reimbursement rate

Medicare reimbursements for qualifying Exer Health patient app usage.

Used by satisfied practitioners

We work closely with practitioners and healthcare executives to ensure our partnerships achieve targeted business and patient outcome objectives.
“Using Exer, our patients have a 30% improvement in the range of motion of their affected joint and 40% reduction in pain. The at-home Exer Health app enhances patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans, playing a crucial role in conservative care aimed at avoiding surgery.”
Dr. Beejal Amin, MD, FAANS
UChicago Medicine / Advent Health
“Every senior living provider prioritizes fall risk and prevention. Exer’s platform has given our residents truly hybrid care in-clinic, via text message, and in the privacy of their apartments. 90%+ of patients now check-in with us at least weekly and we’ve been able to measure the impact of our therapy by seeing less than 10% report soreness the day after treatment.”
Geoffrey Diek - VP Operations
Legacy Healthcare
“As an interventional spine/pain medicine specialist, we want anyone showing signs of lumbar stenosis with neurogenic claudication to get the proper referral to a pain or spine clinic. Exer’s in-clinic app lets any primary care provider (PCP) quickly and easily screen for gait abnormalities to help confidently make the right referrals.”
Ramana Naidu, MD - Pain Physician and Anesthesiologist
MarinHealth Spine Institute
“Studies across medical literature show a ballpark adherence to home exercise programs in the 30% range. Our experience with Exer Health is that our patients are showing closer to 75% adherence to our programming.”
Dr. Catherine Logan, MD, MBA, MSPT
Advent Health - Orthopedic Surgery

Enabling high-quality comprehensive care

Reduce bottlenecks and streamline vital health data with a hybrid care solution that avoids expensive hardware and speeds up workflows.

In-visit assessments

Use AI-based scans to speed up intake and to assess each patient for progress between visits.

Automated treatment pathways

Automate operative or conservative care pathways to reduce revision surgeries and proactively prevent future complications.

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Proactive fall prevention

Scan for fall risk in under 30 seconds with gait-lab-quality AI that often catches more than 75% of a community for a meaningful risk factor.

Functional outcome assessments

Improve ambulation and quality of life with a deep library of validated mobility, strength and balance assessments (or customize your own).

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Diagnose and track severity

AI-based digital biomarkers detect conditions like Parkinson's, TBI, cerebral palsy and other disorders remotely or in-clinic.

Speed up intake protocols

Use a faster, precise solution to scan for presence and severity of disorders so your team can focus on high-quality care.

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Proactively detect MSK issues

Scan more patients, more regularly to accurately identify MSK issues and avoid unnecessary referrals.

Support value-base care

Lower costs with better monitoring tools that patients will love and deliver data you can trust.

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Personalized, effective treatment

Give patients a powerful AI assistant to correct form, automatically record errors and improve mobility in affected joints by 30%+.

Reimbursable remote monitoring

Get actionable, auditable insights on patients' at-home adherence while collecting additional reimbursements from private and public payors.

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Designed to fit your workflows

Seamlessly empower your team to collect objective data across each touchpoint in the patient journey, with instant analysis and reporting.
AI-Based At-Home Patient App
In-Clinic Scan App
Real-Time Data Portal Backend
Automated Billing Reports
Standardized Outcome Measures
Customizable Templates
Daily Engagement Tools

Choose a privacy-first solution

Trust a platform that was designed from the ground up to preserve the highest levels of privacy in the clinic and in patient homes.
HIPAA Compliant
Complete data privacy protection across the platform.
FDA Registered
FDA Class II Medical Device (software), validated and safe.
Proprietary AI
Cutting-edge, wholly-controlled neural networks we train ourselves.
No Wearables
A suite of apps running on any mobile device (phone, tablet, webcam)
EHR Friendly
Barcode into charts in clinic, APIs to streamline integrations and billing.

No extra hardware, no sensors.

Exer software runs on mobile devices that patients and healthcare providers already own.

It's finally possible to drive business and patient outcomes with verifiable motion health insights that don't require up-front hardware costs or invasive, clunky sensors.

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