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We just launched Exer Studio! 🚀

Exer is real-time cues on your workout form.

At home for a $2000 clothes hanger free on your phone.

Exer is real-time cues on your workout form.

At home for a $2000 clothes hanger free on your phone.

Human smarts + machine learning for you.

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Human smarts + machine learning for you.

Wondering if you’re working out correctly? Worried about your form? Not having any fun? The Exer platform takes the Artificial Intelligence capability of a smartphone to places its never been before to help your confidence and your motivation.

Built from the ground up, it is the result of analyzing thousands of athletes in motion and the millions of movements they made. Now, your smartphone can use our AI to correct your movements with real-time audio feedback, rep counting, workout summary, leaderboards, challenges and more.

Real-time feedback using our AI: the convenience of having a personal coach in your living room without the scheduling hassles or the same cost

Choose from thousands of different coaches: use one of our coaches to motivate you or follow your favorite coach if they’re on the platform (coming soon)

Always Free to use: with premium features coming if you want them

No hardware required: just your phone from anywhere it can see you

Privacy built in: your data always stays on your phone and nothing gets sent to the cloud

Interactive and fun: with friends, teams, leaderboards, challenges and coaches/influencers you follow

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Move, train, and play better.

That’s our mission statement and what we help people do better every day. Move, train, and play. We know that human connection will never be replaced (even in these crazy times), but we help augment experiences both for people and for coaches. Using your smartphone is just step 1, there is lots more in the works.

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Where Exer goes further.

Assumption is the mother of all frustrations. There’s nothing worse than dropping into a class and feeling lost. Or watching a big investment gather dust. With Exer, training and learning are free and judgment-free. You progress at your own pace. When and if you’re ready to make a bigger fitness investment, you can do it with confidence. And, you can always use Exer to support any gym or class training. It always has your back.

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Exer Apps

Align your movement with our apps.



Do you take virtual fitness classes? The AI behind Studio adds a bit of magic to these workouts. You can track your workout performance, compete with others, and receive high-fives from your coach, without purchasing additional hardware.



Perfect your plank form, challenge friends, or join a team to get your core strong. Our AI motion coach will keep you accountable and track your time every step of the way. See you on the leaderboards!

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Physical Therapy

Frustrated by trying to do PT at home? Our AI coach will track your reps, make sure you’re doing the therapy exercises correctly, and keep you on track.

Coming Soon...

Our beliefs are backed up by the pros who move us.

Shana Verstegen
TRX Master Trainer

Exer has created something so incredible that will transform the fitness and physical therapy industry, and quite frankly, impact anybody who moves. As a coach, my #1 goal is for my clients to move well, safely and often. I can’t be with them 100% of the time, and I’m excited by the possibility that I can virtually “hold their hand” through all of their workouts with Exer’s technology.

We believe in human beings. With an emphasis on being—active, athletic, and alive.

We believe the right replication, the habit of good, is what changes us…for the good.

We believe in a
fitness democracy.
That the power of the best coaches to lift us up, is energy that should be shared.

Amy Peterson
Coach & Exer Voice

The potential for Exer is limitless. I wasn’t sold on coaching bigger groups online until now, but Exer provides me the opportunity to scale with confidence and value.

Thanks to Exer, I am able to give real-time feedback through their app, and it allows me to better connect with and train my clients virtually.

We believe that artificial intelligence is real human wizardry.

We believe in moonshots.
That phone in your hand is exponentially
more powerful than the
Apollo 11 computer.

Let’s act like it.

A drop of sweat is effort in its liquid form.

Matthew Wright
VP & Director of Performance at City Fitness, PA

The real-time feedback given by Exer’s platform is pivotal in any coach-client relationship to maximize performance. By offering the means to provide the necessary cueing and coaching backed by AI, Exer increases the likelihood for safety, efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you are coaching in-person or virtually, the added tool can make a huge difference for client results and long-term engagement.

The team behind the movement.

Take three friends who share a passion for fitness and the idea that it shouldn’t be a luxury.

A Silicon Valley CEO and start-up investor, with a heart for technology’s positive impact on humanity.

An engineer and artificial intelligence innovator—on the forefront of mobile development—at one the world’s most popular social platforms.

A top national trainer and gym owner, focused on technique, form, and movement optimization in every athlete—from elite to beginner.

And what do you get?

The beginning of a movement in moving smarter.

Zaw ThetLinkedIn
CEO and Co-Founder

Sean CookLinkedIn
CTO and Co-Founder

Clint GehdeLinkedIn
Head Coach and Co-Founder

Make Exer AI hustle for your coaching biz or plug it into your app.



How can we help you? Contact us if you want to add your voice to the platform for your clients (or to let people discover you). Create a team or leaderboard to help engage your followers. If you’re doing Zoom workouts with people at home…we’re working on something to help there as well.

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SDKs are in the works so you can plug our AI coaching into any app. There are also ample opportunities to partner with us inside our apps if a fitness community is something you want to reach or engage.

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Be part of the transformation.

We’re looking for partners who can transform their practices and clients’ lives with Exer. Coaches, trainers, physical therapists, gyms, studios, and brands looking for ways to get more of the good they have to offer out there. With Exer, your form, technique, and performance optimization can reach beyond your own walls. And please consider the benefits of consistent tweaking and follow-up on form and movement—when you can’t be there. Then click Let’s Talk below, and join us in democratizing fitness.