How it works

Advanced motion intelligence.

A proprietary motion-AI platform powers all of our software.

 Everything runs "on the edge" - on common laptops, phones and tablets.

The Engine

Convolutional Neural Net

For the last few years we've trained our neural net on Jazzercise videos. Okay not really, but we did use millions of datasets to train it to understand human poses and movements.
The Brain

Machine Learning

We can push the boundaries further with machine learning techniques that taught the platform things like human pose analysis, form error detection, and automatic rep counting.
The Eyes

Computer Vision

Leveraging the newest advances in computer vision on modern edge devices (laptops, tablets and phones) lets us deliver responsive, real time analysis and feedback to end users.

Measure movement.

A suite of apps.

Easy to use and deploy to your community, ready to transform your business.
Exer Physio

Digital physical therapy made easy.

Deliver high quality care inside the clinic and remotely to drive positive outcomes.
Exer Studio

Remote fitness measurement and engagement.

Add competition and community to virtual fitness experiences.
Exer Gait

Rapid, accurate gait analysis.

Quickly measure joint mobility, gait speed and other metrics in eldercare communities.
Exer Plank

Core strength measurement.

Improve form, compete in groups and motivate your community to get stronger.
Exer Range of Motion

Replace your goniometer.

Assess joint mobility remotely and in clinic throughout patient journeys.
Exer Assess

Remote movement assessments.

Need a simple tool powering fitness or workplace assessments? Let's talk...
Interested in the future of human movement?
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