Exer Health

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Expand your relationship with patients.
The Engine

Convolutional Neural Network

A CNN is a learning algorithm that assigns importance to various inputs. We used millions of datasets to train our AI to understand human poses and movements.
The Brain

Machine Learning

We can push the boundaries further with machine learning techniques that taught the platform things like human pose analysis, form error detection, and automatic rep counting.
The Eyes

Computer Vision

Leveraging the newest advances in computer vision on modern edge devices (laptops, tablets and phones) lets us deliver responsive, real time analysis and feedback to end users.

No hardware needed.

Drive business and healthcare results for your business using precise motion intelligence data.

Our on-the-edge camera vision apps run easily on common laptops and phones, and feature intuitive user interfaces that drive regular usage and promote engagement to give you better long term outcomes.

Let's work together to help your communities move, train and play better.