An orthopaedic surgeon using Exer to track the progress of post-operative patients.

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Using Exer to improve the post-op patient experience.

When Dr. Logan began using Exer in her practice, a primary goal was to use the platform to gather better data on her patients while they were at home recovering from surgery.

Starting two weeks after surgery, each patient was shown how to use the Exer mobile app and sent home with a short list of exercises to perform each week that would measure their range-of-motion progress.

Improving patient adherence to recovery protocols.

There's long gaps between visits, so I want to know: what are they doing at home?

Exer's mobile app makes it easy to perform quick flexibility exercises in front of a camera on the patient's smartphone, gathering precise measurements that the health care provider can then evaluate to track progress.

These at-home evaluations drastically improve patient adherence to recommended recovery protocols, which is a key factor in patient outcomes. With an industry standard of ~30% adherence, it was previously difficult to motivate patients to participate in their own recovery.

Using Exer led to material increases in patient adherence, with Dr. Logan's patients achieving engagement levels above 75%.

Using verifiable data to affect outcomes.

Rather than wait for in-person visits to evaluate patient progress, Exer produces a rich set of precise measurements that physicians can use to evaluate how each patient is progressing.

This includes patient reported outcome data - daily pain levels and "percent of normal" surveys - to equip providers with deep insights into the patient experience in between visits.

Integrating Exer into the practice.

Knowing that physicians and physical therapists are extremely busy, and that patients are in a sensitive stage of their journey, Exer has diligently simplified all aspects of the experience to fit into a practice without any friction.

The mobile app for patients is intuitive and consistent, while the reporting dashboards for health care providers summarizes data and generates reports to give professionals fast insights and easy ways to bill payers where applicable.

Initially, there's always some fear that there will be some difficulty implementing something new. We've found the integration to be really seamless.

Dr. Logan and her team have successfully billed insurance for the new CMS RTM codes using Exer, opening up a new revenue stream for their business.

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Improve outcomes with Exer.

Verifiable remote patient data.

Easy to use and billable software that delivers accurate measurements of patient progress.