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There are hundreds of exercises that Exer's AI is capable of measuring precisely using just the camera on a smartphone.

This means that care providers and patients can spend less time doing in-person evaluations, augmenting the recovery process with at-home measurements that take less than 5 minutes. This data is then available to providers in visual dashboards to help inform customized, effective paths forward for each patient.

Standing T (No Anchor)
Squats with Physio Ball
Supine Punch
Posterior Arm Raise
Wall Sit
Ball Roll on Wall
Wall Y
Push-Ups on Knees
PNF – D2 Diagonal Lifts
Quadruped Rocking
Split Squats - Side Facing
Supine Active - Assisted Arm Elevation
Side Plank
Supine Straight Leg Raise (SLR)
Short Arch Quads with Foam Roller
Lunges, Lateral
Biceps Curl (unilateral) Side-Facing
Bridges on Physioball with Roll-in
Supine Bridge
Tripod - Single Side, Side Facing
Supine Cross - Chest Stretch
Standing I (No Anchor)
Standing Forward Punch Side Facing
Lawnmowers with Theraband - Side Facing
Side-Lying External Rotation
Row with Theraband, Seated
Standing ITY (No Anchor)
Supine Bridge - Physioball
Wall Slides w/ Theraband
Wall Balls
Side-Lying Internal Rotation (Sleeper Stretch)
Standing Abduction ROM
Row with Extension - Seated Bent Over
Wall Slides, Side Facing
Row with Theraband, Standing
Pendulum Exercises
Hip Extension, Prone, Bent Knee
Standing Forward Flexion
Quad Stretch, Front Facing
Standing Internal Rotation
Supine Flexion ROM
Behind The Back Internal Rotation Front Facing
Hip Adduction
Wall Pushup
Seated Knee Extension ROM
Shoulder Abduction
IT Band Stretch
Supine Washcloth Press
The above is a sample of Exer's motion library.

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