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A growing library of physical health assessments.

There are hundreds of exercises that Exer's AI is capable of measuring precisely using just the camera on a smartphone.

This means that care providers and patients can spend less time doing in-person evaluations, augmenting the recovery process with at-home measurements that take less than 5 minutes. This data is then available to providers in visual dashboards to help inform customized, effective paths forward for each patient.

Shoulder Shrug
External Rotation Stretch
Standing Y
Prone Extension ROM
Prone Band Hamstring Curls
Standing Flexion ROM
Wall Slides, Side Facing
Standing Forward Punch Front Facing
Standing T
Quadruped Rocking
Supine Active - Assisted Arm Elevation
Seated Hinge Bent Over Row
Supine Bridge - Physioball Straight Leg (Single Leg)
Single Leg Balance
Supported Standing Squat
Triceps (Bilateral)
Tripod - Single Side, Side Facing
Lunges, Lateral
Wall Sit - Side Facing
PNF – D2 Diagonal Lifts
AAROM Shoulder Abduction
Supine Straight Leg Raise (SLR)
Lawnmowers with Theraband - Side Facing
Prone Knee Flexion
Standing Abduction ROM
Seated Assisted Knee Flexion Extension
Wall Slides
Row with Theraband, Standing
Wall Y
Internal Rotation
Prone Extension
Standing Forward Flexion (Bilateral)
Supine External Rotation
Triceps, Single-Arm
Row with Extension - Seated Bent Over
Standing Forward Flexion (Unilateral)
Standing Forward Flexion
Supine Bridge - Single Leg
No Money
Supine Flexion to 90º
Hip Extension, Quadruped
Butterfly Stretch
Standing Y (No Anchor)
Wall Slide Stretch
Seated Hinge Bent Over Row with Extension
The above is a sample of Exer's motion library.

Remote therapeudic monitoring, unlocked.

Mobile-ready, no extra hardware.
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Home exercise library included.
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